Today I would like to share my favorite outfits on ‘Gossip Girl’

It is no secret that ‘Gossip Girl’ is one of the most fashionable and iconic tv show all the time. It is still popular all around the world.

I watched it two times all the seasons because of the outfits. Their outfits and makeups were amazing and still very popular.

The show follows up a group of high school students who live in Upper East Side. The character have an plenty of designer clothes. So many designer contributed pieces to the show.

Every character had a signature style. Blair Waldorf made a popular Preppy style again. Her signature style was headbands.

Serena van der Woodsen was opposite of Blair. She was free spirited and her style was Bohemian.

Here are my favorite looks from the show

  • Season One, Episode One – Serena’s Grand Central Outfit

Serena’s first ensemble from the series. Her combination was a striped shirt and tan leather jacket and Jeans.

  • Season One, Episode Two – Blair’s Brunch Dress

Blair’s white eyelet dress contrasted with black, lace tights.

  • Season One Episode Four –  Serena’s Society Debut

Blair and Serena’s long sleeve, open back dresses in red and blue were amazing. Their outfit was completed with metallic pumps.

  • Season One, Episode Two – Serena’ and Blair’s Iconic Photoshoot

Serena’s gold, sleek bodice and voluminous skirt  dress was perfect.

  • Season Two, Episode One – Blair’s Party Dress

Her iconic dress was belong to Marc by Marc Jacobs.

  • Season Two, Episode One – Serena’s Party Dress

The white draped white dress with plunging necklike was completed one of the greatest hairstyles.

  • Season Three, Episode Eleven – Serena’s Thanksgiving Jumpsuit

Her form-fitting jumpsuit with plunging neck and a lace insert was perfect.

  • Season Four, Episode Two – Blair’s Gown

The red, ruffled gown designed by Oscar de la Renta. The dress is still memorable.

  • Season Six, Episode 10- Blair’s Wedding Dress

Blair’s wedding dress reflects her personal style. This amazing dress is belong to Elie Saab.

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