Hello Angels,

Hailey Bieber has been beauty and fashion icon since last year. She has been responsible for many beauty and makeup trend.

I personally adore her beauty and some fashion choices. Her makeup and hair color is very natural and look amazing.  From glazed donut nails to expensive brunette hair color, Bieber has been center of some beauty trends this year.

She is running her own skincare line, Rhode successfully. Her products constantly sells out with each restocks. One of her popular products is The Peptide Lip Treatment.

In today’s post, I would like to share Hailey Bieber’s most popular beauty trends.

  • Glazed donut nails

This is a glossy and shimmery nail trend which remains neutral and sophisticated.

You can create this look with different nail polish colors such as red for Christmas or chocolate shades for winter.

Hailey Bieber revealed her color combo which is Opi’s Pale to the Chief or Funny Bunny. She tops with a chrome powder.

  • Expensive brunette hair color

In pandemic time, due to closure of hairdresses, blondes roots grown out in healthy way. For this reason many blonde women prefered darker hair tones.

Hailey Bieber is also prefered to change her iconic blonde hair color in darker tones. She prefered chestnut brown base with honey blonde ends.

Her hair color name is Expensive Brunette which sounds amazing. It requires low maintenance.

Expensive brunette hair color add dept, gloss and dimension to your color which enchanes hair.

  • Glazed donut skin

From nails to skin, Hailey Bieber loved glazed donut theme. This trend is all about making your skin look dewy.

  • Brownie glazed lips

Bieber creates brownie glazed lips by using brown lip pencil and tops them with high shine gloss than she blends them.

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