Hello Angels,

Who doesn’t wish to have healthy and voluminous hair?

Is your hair look thin and lifeless?

The look of lifeless hair can change with the right cutting.Without the right technique, no amount of products you use and styling you do, your hair will look thin.

With some hair rules and cutting techniques, your hair can be voluminous.

A new haircut? Yes, because some haircuts automatically flatters and make your hair look fuller. So, book an appointment at hairdresser and say goodbye to lifeless, thinner hair.

In today’s post, I put a guide on the best haircuts that add make your hair look thick and voluminous.

Classic Lob

Classic lobs are perfectly hit right in the middle and amazing choice for woman who doesn’t want too long or too short haircut. It creates the illusion of extra weight on the ends.


Bangs are transformative. Whether you have a layers or angled bob. They give a fullness to the front.

Angled Bob

The rule of a thicker hair is shorter cut. You can twist classic bob and try with an angle that’s longer in the front and shorter in back.

A slightly angled bob adds shape to thin hair and illusion of volume.

This modern cut will not only make your hair look thicker but also gives an effortless style.

Long, Light Layers

If your goal is long, voluminous hair so you can prefer long, light layers. Just a little bit of texture on the ends  will make your hair thicker and healthy.

Long In One Length

If you prefer very voluminous hair, over layering can make your hair look thin. Instead go for one length. You can put natural soft waves in using curling iron which adds movement.

What is your favorite haircut for thicker, voluminous hair? Let me know below

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