Hello Angels,

The rise of healthy lifestyle made gym and parks places we actually dressed for. There are stylish workout clothes and beauty products (before and after workout) than ever.

However, hair has been more of an afterhought. Especially when you decide to meet with your friends after workout for a coffee, your hair shouldn’t be messy and sweaty. All you need to do pick hairstyle which won’t look destroyed after the sweatiest gym session.

In today’s post, I would like to share the best hairstyles.

  • Low ponytail

  • Top knot

  • High ponytail with a headband

  • Tied back with a headband

  • Twisted side braid

  • A fishtail braid

  • Half up

  • Double buns

  • Messy bun

  • Easy messy half braid

  • Stacked buns

What is your favorite hairstyle? Let me know it below

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