Hello Angels,

There is something about fall that always make feel like a fresh start.

During the summer, we tend to do less makeup and set our hair’s natural texture free. In Fall, we give a little more attention to ourselves. It is a perfect time to try out a new hairstyles.

Whether you prefer to go to hair salon or you are going to do it yourself, here are the most easy and lovely styles to try right now.

  • Ribbons

Hair ribbons are not just for kids anoymore. Tons of celebs have been embracing this trend for yeats. I love the velvet ones so much because they add fun and perfect for Fall fashion.

  • Half Up

Half up, half down hairstyle is popular for years. You should pull a section of hair all the way up on the crown of the head for a more voluminous, sexy look.

  • Center Part

There is no sides. It is very easy to do and very sophisticated. You should use a thin comb to get a perfect straight.

  • Low Ponytail

High ponytails are perfect for summer and low ponytails are perfect for fall. It is super elegant and easy to do.

  • Messy Bun

I love this hairstyle so much. It is very easy to do and chic. You can have this hairstyle for gym even for a formal dinner. You can spray your crown with hairspray before brushing it back into a bun for a natural look.

  • Banana Buns

Banana buns are still continuing to pop up on Pinterest.It is a romantic and elegant style. All you need to twist and pinning up your hair.

  • Side Braid

Side braids are lovely and romantic. You can do it for gym or go out for a lunch. It is super easy to do

  • Long and Healthy

Our hair needs more attention after a summer of saltwater, chlorine and extreme heat. For a long healthy hair you ned to skip curling iron and lean eat healthy food and applying masks for long and healthy hair.

What is your favorite hairstyle for Fall? Let me know it below

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