Hello Angels,

Another day, another basic bun – am I right?

Recent years gyms and parks have places we actually get dressed for than nightclubs. Fitness equipments and clothes are more popular than ever.

Some women opt to wear makeup while they are training, some of them prefer stylish workout clothes.

I personally prefer lovely hairstyle and stylish workout clothes while training. I know it sounds funny but when my hair is bad, Ican’t concentrate on training 🙂

When you work out, you don’t want your hair end up mess? Most of us very lazy to style our hair for workout.

There are so many hairstyle ideas for gym. They look cute and keep your hair out of your face while work out.

In today’s post, I would like to share the best hairstyles for work out.

  • High Pony

Wearing high and tgiht ponytail timeless.

  • Stacked Buns

Two mini buns on top each other.

  • Braided Low Ponytail

You can opt a romantic low baid while doing low impact exercise.

  • Half Up

It keeps the face free and flattering for short lenght hair.

  • Tied Back With a Headband

One of the most annoying thing is flyaways. Secure them with a headband. Headbands are perfect accessories for hair.

  • Double Bun

You can keep your hair up with stylish double buns.

  • Twisted Side Braid

It is an effortless and pretty workout hairstyle.

  • Low Pony Tail

A slicked back low ponytail is lovely and classic.

  • Topknot

A high, messy bun make you look cool and keep your hair out during your high intensity exercise. You can use foam donut  to wrap your hair through and roll it down to give your hair extra dimension

  • Half Up Topknot

This will keep your hair away from your face. It is perfect for short hair.

  • Double French Braids

It is a sporty pretty hairstyle to try.

  • A Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braids are easy to do.

What is your favorite hairstyle for work out? Let me know below

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