Hello Angels,

The spookiest day of the year is around the corner. Halloween means spooky, creative costumes and it is the perfect opportunity to explore your creative side. From classic icons from movies to the sexy creations, you can design the best ever costumes for yourself.

The North American tradition of spooky costumes and dolcetto – scherzetto on October 31 is gaining popularity in Italy.Costumed kids in piazzas, carved pumpkins and delicious halloween foods can be seen in Rome. Though it is not a official holiday in Italy. While the main holidays are still All Saints’ Day on November 1.

Halloween decorations and costumes can be found in many stores.

I don’t celebrate halloween but I love halloween decorations, costumes and movies. If you want to some fun, you can wear a costume and walk around the city or attend a halloween dinner.

I personally prefer stay at home. I believe that halloween night is perfect opportunity to watch classic halloween movies. This year I might be consider to gather with my friends, wear an Halloween costume, prepare delicious dinner and snacks and watch movies.

There are so many costume ideas and below I would like to share the sexy and feminine ones to give you major inspiration for your costume.

  • Elle Woods Halloween Costume

  • Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume

  • Barbie Halloween Costume

  • Mermaid Halloween Costume

  • Playboy Bunny Halloween Costume

  • Coachella Girl Halloween Costume

  • Cher from Cluless Halloween Costume

  • Rey from the ‘Star Wars’ Sequel Trilogy Costume

  • Khaleesi from Game of Thrones Halloween Costume

  • Sexy Witch Halloween Costume

  • Sexy Egyptian Queen Costume

  • Disney Jasmin Costume

  • Karen Smith from Mean Girls Halloween Costume

  • Cleopatra Halloween Costume

  • Cave Girll Halloween Costume

  • Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume

  • Greek Goddess Halloween Costume

  • Forest Fairy Halloween Costume

  • Marilyn Monroe Halloween Costume

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