Hello Angels,

Halloween is around the corner. Although It isn’t recognized holiday in Italy, it is becoming more popular every year to see kids in costumes, stores and stores selling decorations. Halloween is a good excuse to gather with friends/family and have fun.

My favorite things about halloween are decorations, foods and costumes. Some bakeries prepare halloween theme cookies and cakes and I adore them.

Last year, we couldn’t spend time with our family and friends due to Covid-19. This year everything is becoming normal again and it is time to have fun.

Some restaurants in Rome prepare a special menu for halloween. You can celebrate at outside or you can host a Halloween movie night.

I prefer movie night because It is a good excuse to prepare some food and watch the movies make me laugh or horror movies.

If you prefer to host a Halloween movie night, first you should be asking yourself what should I watch in Halloween? You can read my blog about Halloween movies to watch for an idea or you can figure out yourself.

There are three categories to make it easier to find the movie:

Classic Halloween movies

For example Scream movie.

Scary movies

For example A Quiet Place movie.

Family friendly Halloween movies.

For example Hocus Pocus movie.

For Halloween vibes, you should decorate your house. The lighting is the key for Halloween movie night. You can buy pumpkin lights, candlesticks and candles that smell like pumpkin.You can check out Pinterest for some ideas. You can buy pumpkin lights.

If you are going to invite a lot of people and if you don’t have a enough sea, you can throw a ton of blankets and pillows. Everyone can be comfortable and cozy during watch a movie.

Tasty snacks are must have. I prefer healthy snacks that why I prepare myself but if you don’t have a time or don’t love to cook, you can buy from restaurant, bakery or supermarket.

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