Hello Angels,

Today I picked Queen Of Rome handmade tulle skirt for special occasions.

Life started to become more normal and I think special occasions like birthday celebration or weddings will start soon.

I personally believe that every women should have something timeless and classic pieces in their wardrobe. I always have timeless shoes and dresses for special occasions. If I get a last minute invitation for something formal, I  can get ready in 40 minutes.

Sometimes we don’t have a time for shopping and timeless pieces are perfect. They make you look elegant and stylish.

I love Queen Of Rome tulle skirt so much. Handmade and fabric qualities make more unique this skirt. Some women find to wear this skirt bold. Many of them think this skirt is only appropriate for very very special occasions. You can wear it in many occasions, It doesn’t have to be special occasion. You can create various of stylish look with this skirt. You don’t have to wait something special for wear an elegant outfit.

Creating combinations a little bit depends on your fashion style. Many women adored this skirt but hesitated to buy because they thought it is a bold skirt. They shared their thoughts and I styled this skirt in various ways for them. When they saw many styling options, they changed their idea and bought it gladly. Normally this skirt was limited edition but on a request I restocked one more time. If you want to buy but have hesitation, you can write to me and we can find approppriate combination for you.

Alternative Color Palette

I picked black and nude colors for this skirt. What is your alternative color palette?

Style Tips

  • You can wear it with tank top and complete your look with clutch.

  • If the weather is not very hot, you can wear it with long sleeve crop top and high heels.

What do you think about Queen Of Rome handmade tulle skirt? How would you style it? Shop my pick and share your favorite looks on Instagram        @loveinromeboutique with #loveinromeboutique

Let me know your thoughts

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