Hello Angels,

This spring is very compelling. Horrible corona virus changed our life routine completely. Everything started to become normal but we still need a time for return to our normal routine.

Wearing mask is obligatory in Rome. We don’t have to wear at outside but have to wear at indoor places like supermarkets and pharmicies.

Wearing mask even only for 5 minutes hurts my face. It is hard to breath in it. There are so many people who works at hospitals, banks, supermarkets..etc and they have to wear mask all day long. This situation is more compelling for them.

We should be grateful to healthcare workers, supermarket workers, farmers, the people who works in this situation and helps us to continue to our lives. Without them, we couldn’t have basic  needs like food or medicine right now.

I wish healthful summer to world. I hope this virus diseppears completely and everyone returns to their normal life routine. When I see or read anything about summer holiday, it makes me feel better. It is the sign of return to healthy life.

Did you start to plan your holiday or next night out?

I think you should start now because our social life will start soon.

Find your perfect party look with a handmade sequin dress from Love in Rome this summer.

No wardrobe is complete without a sparkle. Nothing makes a statement like tulle skirt and sequin dress.

Especially these days we need more sparkle. Why don’t you add something glittery to your closet?

Today I picked handmade Summer Night Dress for beautiful, healthful days. You can wear it even in your daily life. In summer times, I wear it even for casual events and pair it with flat shoes.

For night out or formal event, you can wear it with nude stilettos. It will elevate your look instantly.

I am obsessed this dress and highly recommend it.

What do you think about sequin outfits ? How would you style handmade Summer in Rome Dress? Where would you wear it? Shop my pick and share your favorite looks on Instagram        @loveinromeboutique with #loveinromeboutique

Let me know your thoughts

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