Hello Angels,

A guy’s call? A new hairstyle? Earning a lot of money? Does your happiness depend on external factors?

I hear a lot ‘If I had this … I would be happy’ Depending on external factors to make you happy give you only short term happiness. You will be craving next thing to make you happy.

Personally, I was one of them. My happiness was depended on graduation from high school and university and good improvements on my online store. Especially when I established my online store, my happiness became depended on my job.  Every good improvement was making me very happy. Later, I started to crave non stop success on my job. Only success was  making me happy and It was not a healthy thing. I pushed myself more and I started to become very stresfull and exhausted.

My family realized it and they started to warn me about this. First, I didn’t find problem about this. Later, I realized that my happiness was depende on my job. There had many wonderful things around me and I wasn’t aware them.

My mother couldn’t standed this anymore and she started to find an activity for me. Before my graduation from university, I was going to a gym and it was making me feel happy. My mother took me a gym by force and got me a membership. I complained first week but later gym became my happy place again.

I started to become calm and happy. After I realized that my attitude toward happiness was not healthy. I analyzed people and It made me realize that some people no matter how bad their living conditions, they are happy and faithful. I decided to make a research about that. I read books and read many articles about internet.

In today’s post I would like to share how to be happy for no reason

  • Meditation or praying should be part of your daily habit

  • Everything is changeable in the world – even the seasons. Observe things come and go and be aware that nothing is eternal.

  • Discover your resistance through unconscious though patterns and find a way to release this resistance.

  • Change where you place your focus. When you focus on unpleaseant things, you will miss the positive ones.

  • According to researches, happiness has little to do with what we have but eather our perspective in life Delete your should statements and change your perspective on happiness.

  • Being optimistic seems difficult and useless but according to studies, it has huge impact on lead to happiness. Be yourself, embrace your personality and mistakes. Feel comfortable in your body and be thankful.

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