Hello Angels,

Almost everyone loves chocolate. I said almost because I have a friend and she doesn’t like chocolate. I know this sounds unbelievable but it is true.

In past, I was drinking coffee to eat chocolate. After integrating the healthy diet into my life, I started to pay attention to ingredients.

Chocolate has many benefits especially dark chocolate which is my favorite but when I read ingredients, I realized that most of them are not healthy. Even some famous brands chocolates have bad ingredients.  But still there are amazing brands who produce delicious and healthy chocolates.

Since one year, I don’t eat chocolate like I used to eat. Instead I bake cake, prepare fruit with yogurt or oatmeal bowl. I love to add cacao nibs instead of chocolate pieces.

Cacao nibs are very healthy . They are literally direct source of chocolate. Cacao nibs are the bean that chocolate comes from. They taste bitter.  So, instead of picking up a candy bar, choose cacao nibs as a snack.

In today’s post, I would like to share health benefits of cacao nibs.

  • Antioxidants

Antioxidants help prprevent skin damage. So grab a bag of cacao nibs and get snacking. Your skin will look healthy and young.

  • Great source of fiber

The amount of fiber in cacao nibs is fantastic. This stimulates digestive and bowels

  • Source of magnesium

Magnesium raises energy level. Cacao is one of the highest source of magnesium.

  • Boost mood

Cacao nibs promth the brain to release some hormones which make them feel you good.

  • Help you lose weight

Stress hormone cortisol, makes us retain fat and water that we would rather shed. The properties in cacao nibs reduce cortisol which heighten fat burning.

  • Potassium source

Potassium is an essential for our health. Lack of potassium cause diseases. Cacao nibgs have a great source of potassium. You can add them into your diet.

  • Reduce inflammatory

Cacao nibs have powerful anti inflammatory properties. Imflammation is a part of our body’s defence stystem and helps protect againt injury. Foods in high antioxidants such as cacao nibs help reduce this effect.

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