Hello Angels,

Do you think spending hours coloring is only for children? Think again!

I discovered adult coloring books when I was preparing thesis for my graduation from the university.The coloring books for adults were very popular that year and I was in Turkey for a summer holiday. I was working on my thesis and I was very stressfull. I needed a hobby for relax.

I bought a coloring book and while I was watching my favorite tv series, I was coloring it. It really helped me to feel better and reduce my stress.

I still have coloring book and I color it whenever I want. I made some researches about benefits of coloring for adults and I would like to share them.

  • Reduce anxiety and stress

According to study, coloring has the ability to reduce stress and relax the fear center of our brain. It is also the same state as meditating by reducing the thoughts and staying in the moment. This is also an amazing exercise for mindfulness.

  • Improves sleep

We all know that avoiding electronics at night promotes sbetter sleep. Coloring is one of the best relaxing activity before bedtime. It will not disturb your melatonin hormone.

  • Prevents you from multitasking

Most of us have multitasking abilities which make us more stressfull. It hinders our ability to focus on a single task. When we focus on one single task, we become more attentive.

If you want to prevent multitasking abilities, you can opt coloring books. They improve our mental focus and we focus on only one task.

  • Exercise the entire brain

Coloring exercises both hemispheres of the brain which is a full brain workout. When we color we use the create side which is picking colors but we also use frontal lobe for concentration.

  • Promotes creativity

If you work in a job which requires creativity such as fashion designer , coloring books are perfect for empty your mind and have a new creative ideas.

What do you think about coloring books for adults? Let me know it below

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