Hello Angels,

I love eating dark chocolate with coffee. I prefer the %70 dark ones because of health benefits. If I want something sweet, I prefer the milk one.

Chocolate is made from the seed of the cacao tree which is one of the best sources of antioxidants. The real dark chocolate ( not the sugary ones) can improve your health.

Last year, I quited to eat chocolate because of the ingredients. Unfortunately, some popular brands add ingredients that are bad for our health. I changed my diet and I started to prepare desserts to eat with coffee.

I made a lot research and I found the good ones. Nowadays, one of my favorite chocolate is Italian brand Perugia’s %70 dark chocolate. It has only three ingredients.

I eat two maxiumum three times a week after gym with coffee. According to researches, dark chocolate has many health benefits. Some dieitians recommend to eat chocolate before or after workout.

In today’s post, I would like to share dark chocolate’s health benefits.

  • Nutritious

If you but high quality of dark chocolate, it is very nutritious It is a great source of minerals and fiber.

70% dark chocolate contains;










It also contains caffeine but is very small amount compated to coffee.

  • Lower Blood Pressure

According to researchesi biactive compounds in cocoa improve blood flow and decrease in blood pressure.

  • Improve Brain Function

According to researches, dark chocolate improve verbal fluency and improve cognitive function

  • Protect Your Skin

Some doctors recommend to eat dark chocolate before go to beach because flavonols which dark chocolate contains protect against sun damage, increase skin density and hydration.

  • Great Source of Antioxidant

The raw, unprocessed cocoa beans are great source of antioxidant.

  • Athletic Performance

According to doctors, dark chocolate boost oxgygen availability during workout.

  • May Help Weight Loss

Eating chocolate everyday seems like the unrealistic way to lose weight. In past, I was eating four piece of dark chocolate everyday and I lost a few kilos. It is all about moderation.

According to researches, dark chocolate help you control appetite. Furthermore, chocolate behaves like a prebiotic which is a type of fiber and help the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

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