Hello Angels,

Nowadays latin dance nights and classes are very popular . Many gyms include latin dances such as zumba and salsa. It is also hard to miss programs like Dancing with the Stars (I watch Italian version every week and I adore it).

I attended latin dance classes a few years ago and I learned salsa, bachata and tango. It was so much fun. My neighbor attends tango classes for years and she says  tango boosts her mood and health. When her course suspended because of Covid- 19, she was really sad.

You don’t need to be talented for latin dance. All you need to do is focus on learning the steps and practice.

Latin dance is not only for have fun but it also provides some health benefits on your body and mind. Such as;

  • Improves strengh, balance and flexibility

As you continue to latin dance, you will notice flexibility in your body. Stretching before and after dancing is an essential which avoids injuries and boost body for movements.

Body balance and coordinating is very important in dance. When you practice latin dance, each movement will start to increase strength, flexibility and balance naturally.

  • Targets all muscle groups

Latin dance movements engage with all muscle groups at the same time which builds a perfect body shape, posture and tones your body.

  • Reduces stress

Latin dance releases endorphins and when you dance your mind is in the present because you focus on your steps and music.

  • Burns calories

Latin dance helps you burn calories while you have fun. The more you stick to it, you will see the results quickly.

  • Promotes confidence

Latin dance builds self esteem because when you improve it, you wil feel better about what your body is capable of.

  • Reduces the risk of Alzheimer disease

Latin dance requires to remember steps also latin dance incorporates brain functions at once such as musical and emotional. Applying these functions at one boost brain and reduces diseases such as Alzheimer.

  • Slows down the aging process

Latin dance improves lung capacity, cardiovascular system and heart function which reflects on your physical appearance.

  • Improves your social life

One of the few hobbies that couples can do together.

You can also attend alove and meet new people with similar interests with you.

Have you ever attended latin dance class? Let me know it below

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