Hello Angels,

I am a coffee person and it is hard to imagine a day without coffee.

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages. It can be prepared in many ways such as French press, espresso, etc. Thanks to its beneficial nutrients, it seems quite healthy.

According to researches, coffee lowers risk of many diseases. One of the best thing about living in Italy is delicios coffee smell. There are bars/cafes every corner of the streets and you can see a lot of people who drink coffee.

Hot or iced, you can drink coffee in many different ways.

In today’s post I would like to share healthy benefits of coffee.

  • Improve energy level

Contains nutrients such as:

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B5


  • Great source of antioxidants

  • Protect you from Alzheimer

  • Help you burn fat

  • Improve physical performance ( You can drinking coffee about 30 minutes before gym)

  • Reduce risk of colon cancer

  • Ways To Make Your Coffee Healthier

  • Avoid Sugar and artificial creamer

Coffee is healthy in itself, you can easily turn it into something unhealthy such as adding sugar and artifical creamer.  You can opt for milk with a dash of vanilla extract.

  • Add Cinnamon

Cinnamon has a lot of benefits and mixes well with the flavor of coffee. According to studices, cinnamon lower cholesterol and blood glucose.

  • Add Cacao

Cacao is plenty of antioxidant. Dash of cocoa powder make coffee delicious and healthy.

Caffe mocha which is a chocolate flavored version of caffe latte is served most of coffee houses. You can prepare the healthy version at home without adding sugar.

Healthiest coffee types are;

  • Cappuccino

  • Espresso

  • Flat White

  • Latte

  • Turkish Coffee

  • Long Blacks

  • What is your favorite coffee type? Let me know below

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