Hello Angels,

‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world’ Marilyn Monroe

We all love shoes, right? But when it comes to buy shoes, there is a debate that never gets old: high heels versus flats. How much do you know about these two types of shoes?

The type of shoes we prefer can vary from person to person. Someone might like high heels, the other one might like ballet flats.

When I was younger, I was wearing heels and ballerina flats constantly. Especially when I was at university, I was wearing heels constantly because it was boosting my mood. My first apartment was 30 minutes walking distance from my university. I always prefered to walk because I love walk and Rome is the perfect city for walk. My apartment was located in Trastevere and the street was cobblestone )which can ruin heels). Those years I didn’t aware existence of heel protecter on Amazon and I was walking on tiptoe 🙂

Especially after pandemic, fashion world started to change quickly. Spending more time at home and limiting formal occasions changed fashion trends.

According to researches, high heel sales are declining. Many people started to refresh their wardrobe for casual clothes and shoes after lockdown. Clothes like yoga pants and sweaters are more popular than ever.

Even formal events like weddings are becoming more casual. But if you are a traditional person and prefer to wear heels in formal events, you can have classic heels like stilettos. I belive that every women should have at least two stilettos in colors black and nude for special occasions.

Flat shoes such as snekears were very popular before the pandemic and they continue to conquer the shoe trends. Many luxury brands include sneakers in their collection.

Which one is better heels or flats?


  • Help you maintain good posture.

  • Make your legs longer and leaner.


  • In my opinion, flats are cool like heels. Movie stars like Audrey Hepburn were known for wearing ballet flats.

  • Comfortable especially when you have an active day.

The Result

It is a personal choice. For example, one of my teacher in high school was always wearing heels every day because her doctor recommended to wear heels because of her back problem and also she was feeling very comfortable.

There are many types of flats and heels.  You can pick styles that suits you.

Shoes are also a little bit depends on yur lifestyle. For example, I walk so much and most of streets in Rome are cobblestone. That’s why wearing ballerina flats and sneakears are better for me. But when I walk less or go to dinner or somewhere I prefer wedges or stilettos.

Which one do you prefer? Heels or flats? Let me know it below

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