Hello Angels,

Outdoor activies like hiking became more popular during pandemic. Fantastic view, fresh air and exercise make hiking incredible experience. There are many amazing places in Rome for hiking.

Rome is super hot and humid in summer time but still worth for a hiking. One of the best things about summer is clothing choice. In winter time, we have to wear heavy jackets, boots, etc to keep ourselves warm. In summer time, lightweight clothes without layering in enough for go out.

There are different types of hikes. You can only walk on a slight elevation or prefer somewhere woods. With the right outfit combination, you can look stylish evne when you are super sweaty.

In today’s post, ı would like to share outfit ideas for hiking in summer time.

  • Sports bra + Bike shorts

Sports bra are very comfortable and look stylish with bike shorts and leggings. When you buy sports bra, you should pay attention to fabric and size. A few years ago, I bought a sports bra without pay attention and it was too tight. The fabric had a little amount of stretch and it was very uncomfortable for me.  The sports bra should give perfect amount of stretch for comfort.

  • Sports bra + Running Shorts

Running shorts are very comfortable and breezy. Sports bra and running short combination is effortlessy cool and comfortable for hiking in hot summer time.

  • T-shirt + Running Shorts

If you are not feeling comfortable in sports bra, you can opt t-shirt. T-shirt and running short combination gives freedom of movement comfortably.

  • Cropped Top + Leggings

If you are not going to hike whole day and then hit up the resturant later, you can opt leggings with a top.

  • Tank Top + Leggings

You can opt tank tank over a sports bra and complet your look with a chic pair of sunglasses. If the weather is very hot, you can opt bike shorts or running shorts.

What is your favorite outfit idea for hiking? Let me know it below

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