Have you ever thought about bridal superstitions and traditions? When you think about all these traditions and superstitions, everything associated with something. When it comes to wedding traditions, bridal veil it is no different.

The veil is a principal accessory for bride which is magical and romantic. They are in various length and style. Have you ever wondered why brides wear veils?

I wondered this subject and I did some research about this. I traced back to ancient Rome.

Take a look into the history of bridal veils;

The veil word means obscure and mask or cover. From medieval times, veil has been symbol of modesty and purity.

In Ancient Rome people believed that evil spirits would be attracted to bride. Why people would think evil spirits care about the bride? According to ancient Roman people, the evil spirits would be jealous of bride’s happiness. So they covered bride’s face with veil and confuse the spirits and the bride protected.

In Ancient Greece brides were wearing bright red veil for scare the evil spirits of. In modern day’s veil color are white or ivory. Still it associated with purity. In today’s tradition mostly brides wear veil drawn back.

During Victorian era, veil became a status of richness. With the lenght, quality and weight of veil was a sign of the bride’s wealth. In British Royal family, Princess Alice of Great Britain and Ireland was the first one who worn veil. Even in modern time royal wedding, Princess Diana wore 24 feet long veil and Kate Middleton chose 72 inch long ivort silk veil.

Bridal Veil Guide: Styles And Lengths

Birdcage Veils

It is a short veil that can cover only the bride’s forehead or her chin. Some brides want to extend to chin for dramatic look. It is a perfect choice for an outdoor wedding.

It is suitable for lace gown and vintage bridal look.

Blusher Length Veil

It is a short, single layer fabric that stops at the shoulder which only covers the bride’s face. It is usually 30 inches length.

It is nice choice for classical and tradition look.

Visor Veil

It is similar with birdcage veil. It covers bride’s chin. You can find this style veil in a British horse event where women wear that kind of veil.

It can be pinned behind the ears.

Juliet Cap Veil

It creates a caplike appearance. It is wrapped around the forehead and top of the head.

It is nice choice for Art Deco, Vintage theme weddings.

Shoulder Length Veil

It is generally in measure 20 inches. It is suitable for wedding gown which has a detailing on the back. The length of veil rests on your shoulder. It is a great option for show off your gown.

Elbow Length Veil

The universal length of this veil is 25 inches. It is between shoulders and elbows.

It is a nice choice for ball gown, classic look and no fuss bridal look.

Fingertip Length Veil

The length of the fingertip veil is around 36 inches. It is a mid-length veil that fall around the waist which is extending to the fingertip.

Ballet Length Veil

The length of veil around 54 to 60 inches which is fall back of the bride’s knees. It gives you the freedom o move around without having the drag problem.

It is a nice choice for romantic bridal look.

Chapel Length Veil

It is around 90 to 108 inches which is drapes to the floor and spreads out a few inches behind the gown. It adds soft illusion to your gown. The veil often contains embroidery.

It is a nice choice for tradition and formal bridal look.

Cathedral Length Veil

It is the longest veil which is around 120 to 144 inches. The Cathedral veil often extending behind the bride that’s why she needs an assistant to spread out.

It is suitable for formal, glamorous wedding gown.

Veil Widths

54 inches: It is suitable for straps and decorative sleeves.

72 inches: It is a nice choice for romantic look which a good option for especially spaghetti strap dress

108 inches: A perfect choice for strapless gown.

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