The gift of engagement ring is a symbol of dedication and love. A ring is a present as an engagement gift by a partner to their future wives when acceptance of his marriage proposal.

This sexy and romantic tradition originated from ancient Egyptians, adopted by ancient Greeks and traced by ancient Romans.

In that years, rings were made of material like reeds and braided papyrus. They wore engagements rigns on the ring finger of the left hand because It was believed that his finger contain vena amoris vein which led to the heart directly. The ring (endless circle) was a symbol of eternal love.

In the 2nd century BC in ancient Rome, a man was giving two rings to his prospective bride. One of them is in gold which she wore in public and the other one is iron which she wore at home

In Renaissance time in 1477, Archduke Maximillian of Austria the one who gave first diamond engagement ring to this betrothed Mary of Burgundy. The diamond ring trend influenced among European nobility and aristocracy. It became a symbol of wealth to give diamond ring to future bride to be.

In Protestant time, statue of wedding ring changed. Wedding ring became betrothal ring ( primary ring before marriage)

In Age of Enlightenment poise rings and gimmel rings were very popular.

Gimmel rings are a two or three hoops rings. They were also known as joint rings in Elizabethan England time. It was very popular in the 16th and 17th centuries such as betrothal rings.

Posie rings are gold rings. They were popular in 15th to 17th centuries in France and england. It was a lovers gifts.

In Victorian era in 1866, diamond resources found in South Africa. Diamond rings were not rare or not symbol of wealth and aristocracy anymore.

In 20th century, especially in United States, diamonds engagement rings were very popular until World War I. The popularity of diamonds declined until Great Depression.

The diamond company De Beers began a marketing campaign for create impact on diamond engagement rings in 1938. At that time in Great Depression era in 1930’s, diamond prices collapsed and at the same time engagement rings were not stylish anymore. Only %10 American women were wearing diamond engagement ring.

In 1947, De Beers created ‘ A Diamond is Forever’ slogan. This campaign attracted more sales because this slogan created idea of durability of diamond represents everlasting love and commitment.

A women started to measure a man’s love based on the diamond size. The company also used Hollywood stars for wanted women to want diamond. The diamonds have 4C descriptions which are color, cut, clarity and carat weight.

Other successful campaign is ‘eternal ring’ which is the ‘trilogy ring’ symbol of past, present and future of a relationship.