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We are in wedding season and I love everything about weddings. In today’s article I would like to write about how wedding dresses changed over the centuries. From flappery dresses to strapless princess dreses, here is a look back at how trends evolved since the 15th Century.

Wedding dresses were always more than bride’s clothing. In past centuries, the wedding dress represented the social status of the marrying couple. Today, the wedding dress is a reflection of bride to be’s fashion sense.

In the past, wedding used be based on politics rather than love. The dress of the bride was a representation of her family’s social status and wealth. Brides from prosperous families were wearing bridal dresses made of bold colors. These dresses had laters of velvets, silks and furs.

White was not used the color of bridal dress until Victorian era. Blue was the color for the wedding dress and it was color of the purity.

According to documents, in 1406, Princess Philippa of England was the one who wore white gown. The dress made of white silk and bordered with a grey squirrel.

In 1559, Mary, Queens of Scots wore white because white was her favorite color.

The white bridal dress became popular at the beginning of the Victorian era which is nineteenth century. After Queen Victoria (who wore a white bridal dress), every bride started to pick white. Since then, the classic, white dress has stayed in fashion.

Queen Victoria’s wedding dress was made of silk satin and paired with lace.

In 1850’s, white wedding dress with embroidered silk, lace and floral detailing were popular.

In Edwardian era (1900’s), delicate fabrics like lace and loose fits were very popular.

In 1910, high necks, long sleeves and ruffles were very popular.

In 1917, during the World War I, wedding dresses were simple. A lot of brides were picking wedding suit insteead of a gown.

There was a huge big style change in 1920s bridal fashion.The bridal fashion influenced by the flapper style. Women started to opt for sleeker, drop waist gowns. They were completing their look with long cathedral lenght veils.

 In 1922, headpieces began to become popular. From delicate hairpins to diamond tiaras. These were worn with a veil.

In 1930s, most brides were wearing satin and silk dresses. Typically opting for minimal designs like emtroidery, long sleeves and small train.

In 1950s, ball gowns with huge skirts and strapless trend dominated bridal fashion.

In 1960s, wedding dresses began to become slimmer fitted again. Some brides opted  between the ball gown and the slimmer fitted dress.

In 1970, high neck with big sleeved with a puff dominated the bridal fashion.

In 2000s, tight A line dresses became trendy.

In 2010s, Kate Middleton’s Sarah Burton dress brought sleeves back.

Today, brides wear wedding dresses that suit their personality. There are plenty of trends, styles and brands. It is very incredible and exciting to see different bridal dresses.

What is your favorite bridal dress style? Let me know it below

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