Hello Angels,

I am in Istanbul for two months and I am going to be here until March. First time I have been away from Rome for so long. I decided to stay in Istanbul for three months because I was away from my family for ten months (first time in my life).

I was away from my family maximum three months. My family couldn’t visit me due to the pandemic last year and I couldn’t visit them either. I am glad to see my family and be in my hometown.

Because of the pandemic, my holiday is a little bit different than usual. Normally, I love to visit  attractions such as Galata Tower, Ortaköy, Taksim and Nişantası and discover new stores, cafes and restaurants.

My another favorite thing to do in istanbul is buying Turkish ingredients such as spices.

Restaurants and cafes are only open for takeaway service.

Cinemas and theaters are suspended.

Unfortunately, I can’t sit and drink delicious Turkish coffee in a nice cafe and go to cinema right now.

Istanbul is as big as any other European cities, 15 million people living here. Normally, the city is busy, never stops but these days life is different than usual.

There are restrictions on weekends. For example, we can only go out for grocery shopping. Even going to parks are banned on weekends due to pandemic. There are no restrictions for tourists. If you visit Istanbul for holiday right now, you can go out and you can visit any place you want on the weekend.  Week days are ok. Only wearing mask is obligotary.

This time I have more free time because I don’t go to city center and I can’t meet my friends because restaurants are close.

I go out with my mother for exercise. Thank God, my home is very close to forest, beach and shopping center. Sometimes we go to shopping center and do some shopping, sometimes we walk for hours on the beach and forest. After exercise, I learn new recipes from my grandmother, read a book and watch movies.

Have you ever been in Istanbul? If you have been, what did you like the most? Let me know below

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