Hello Angels,

Nothing completes an outfit like a pair of hoop earrings. They come in different sizes and designs. If you are not sure how to wear themi you can opt classic gold or silver ones. If you prefer something bold, you can opt colorful and detailed ones.

Hoop earrings  never go out of style and match almost any occasion and clothes. They are elegant, stylish and casual all at once.

The small hoops are better when you are at work. They highlight your face but don’t draw a lot of attention.

If you go out and prefer to call more attention, you can pick whatever size feels makes you best.

Hoop earrings suit every face shape. I believe that any jewelry collection is not completed without an hoop earring.

According to some sources, hoop earrings date back ancient Egyptian royalty like Cleopatra.

Today, Jennifer Fisher has become synonymous with hoop earrings. and she designs hoop earrings in different colors, sizes and textures. Jennifer Lopez is one of her popular clients and she wears hoop earrings on a daily basis.

There are many ways to wear hoop earrings, such as;

  • If you prefer something timeless and formal, you can opt small hoop earrings.

  • You can wear hoop earrings with simple t-shirt and jeans and complete your look with red lipstickfor sexy look.

  • To spice up your casual outfits, opt large hoop earrings.

  • For a fashionable style, you can opt asymmetrical and colorful ones.

  • You can opt hoop earrings even at the beach.

  • To boho look, opt the huge ones.

  • Match off the shoulder top or dress with hoop earrings to accentuate your neck.

  • For casual cool looi you can make a bun with only one half your hair and complete your look with a pair of hoop earrings.

  • For a modern and sophisticated look, you can opt medium size geometric hoop earrings.

Do you like hoop earrings? How do you wear them? Let me know it below

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