Hello Angels,

The House of the Virgin Mary is located in the vicinity of Ephesus ( 7 kilometres from Selçuk, Turkey).

The house discovered in the 19th century. While there is no certain information if its really house of the Virgin Mary or not but since its discovery, the site receives pilgrimage. Catholic pilgrims visit the house based on the belief that Virgin Mary spent her last days in this area.  She might come this place with Saint John, who spent his several years in this area to spread Christianity.

The house officially declared a shrine of the Roman Catholic Church in 1896.  The site visited by several popes. Today, millions of people from different religion and faiths visit this wonderful area.

The last time I was in this wonderful place was 2013. I was completed my first year at university and I was in Kuşadası to visit my father before I go to Rome for my second year at university.

Last August, I visited The House of the Virgin Mary again with my father. We spent my last day of my holiday in this magnificient place.

On the way to the shrine, there a key hole shaped baptismal pool. There is a belief that an early community of Christians may have lived and were baptized here. The shrine may be decribed as a modest chapel.

Outside the shrine, there is a wishing wall which pilgrims used by tying their wishes on paper. There is also a water fountain which is located nearby, believed by pilgrims to have miraculous power.

I believe that House of Virgin Mary is a very special place.When you step into House of Virgin Mary, you immediately feel peace and blessed.

I highly recommend you visit this special place.

Have you ever been House of the Virgin Mary? If you have been, what did you feel? Let me know it below

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