Hello Angels,

Did you know a pamper session at home chould be just what you need to have a healthy, long hair?

We all need a pamper session at least once a week. Heat and styling tools are one of the factors that can cause split ends.

While when we have even a little time for self care, there is no better timan than take care of our hair.

In today’s post I would like to tips to have a healthy hair without haircut.

Why split ends occur?

Split ends are the most common sign that your hair is damaged. It has many factors such as heat, environment and styling.

How to fix split ends?

Most of woman prefers long, healthy hair and they prevent to go to hairdresser as possible as they can. But when your hair is damaged, it is better to have hair cut or fix the damage because damaged hair doesn’t look good.

How to prevent split ends?

  • Choose strengtening shampoo and conditioner

Regular shampoo and conditioner are good places to start to have stronger and healthier hair.

  • Buy nourishing masks

A nice mask creates miracles. Simply add into your self care routine at least once a week.

  • Minimize heat tools

Try to prevent heat tools. There is plenty of  lovely looks you can try to beat the heat. Natural wave, half up ponytail or bun all look great.

If you have to use heat tools than don’t use at the highest temperatures. Before use them, yu should you pre styling products such as nourishing oil or cream.

  • Switch up your hair care seasonally

Cold weather and hot weather have different impacts on our hair so we should switch up our hair care seasonall  just as our adjust skin care.

  • Get biotin and folic acid

Nutrition as important as hair care products. Foods build the proteins which make up hair. Eating fast food prevents to have a healty hair but tight nutrition keeps your hair healthy. Biotin strenghtens hair through its metabolism of proteinsi fats and carbohydrates. It is found in walnuts, lentils, beown rice and sunflower seeds.

Folic acis grow hair. It is found in wheat, green leafy vegetables, oranges and broccoli.

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