After my graduation from Fashion Design and some negative life events pushed me to examine my life. Many of you (especially who studied design subject) will understand me better because generally design schools put pressure to studens. Professor’s critize your project, your creativity almost everything.

I studied three year fashion design in Rome. I didn’t know anything about my subject and my university. When I started my education, everything seemed difficult. We had to study hard including sewing, drawing, photoshop also we had to prepare projects. When I was showing my projects, I was only listening criticism. Of course I was not the only one who was listening criticism but It was making me very sad.

After my graduation, I couldn’t design clothes more than one year. I was lost my enthusiasm. Also my private life was not going well and It was hard days for me.

One day I thought about my life. What do I want? What kind of job I want? Do I still love fashion? I asked that kind of questions to myself and I understood that I can’t live without designing new clothes but I don’t want to design for fashion brands. I only want to design for myself and for my brand.

First thing before start something, you should be confident and shouldn’t care people’s opinion. When I was at university, I cared my professor’s opinion so much and It made me insecure.

I personally believe that If you are insecure, you don’t respect yourself and also that’s means that people’s opinion control your life. I think this is so unfair because nobody perfect in this life and that means that every person’s opinion is not right.

The saddest part is after my graduation when I decided not to design anymore, I didn’t realize that I let my professor’s stupid opinions control my life even after my graduation.

When I realized this foolishness, I decided to what I want in life and I followed my passion. Of course It didn’t happen in one day. I read many books and I observed people more. Every person have insecurities but some people found stop letting other people’s opinion.

I think first thing is confidence. Someone confident listen opinions but they don’t care. You can not stop people’s commenting but don’t let it control your life.

There are some ways to eliminate the worry about people’s opinion.

  • Focus on yourself and what matters

You should focus your needs and dreams. Believe it or not but people are not thinking about you all day long. Maybe when you decide something you think how other people might find your idea but the reality is society is busy about their life. Everybody’s priority is own life.

They don’t pay attention like you think.

  • Keep Perspective

Another person’s is based on tehir beliefs. Don’t take it personally.What’s good for them might be terrible for you or vice versa. Respect everybody’s perspective but don’t put so much energy to think.

  • You can’t please everyone

There will be people no matter what you do for them or say – they will judge you. You can’t stop people from judging you but you can stop it from affect you.

It is your life and you can’t live up to people’s expectations.

  • Know You Value

This is the most important thing. When you know your value, nothing can control your life. You will learn to say and stop asking people’s opinion what they think about your project or experiences.

When I apply this methods in my life, I became more confident, happy and more creative. I try to live in moment and I don’t give permission to people’s opinion control my life.

Do you have any methods to stop letting other people’s opinion control your life?

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