Hello Angels,

Colors play huge role in our lives even we don’t realize it.  Color is a powerful communication tool.  It plays a significant role in our wardrobe, our mood and mind.

Wondering how color of your clothes affects your mood?

There have been many researches with color since its discovery.

In ancient times, people were not allowed to wear any color they want.

Even today, employess in certain business groups can’t wear any color they want. Color has been used to exemplify status. For example doctors wear specified uniforms in certain colors.

When I was studying fashion design at university, we had a class about colors.  When you study color psychology, you are going to find fascinating informations and many theories. These theories are based on studies but some of them contradict each other. Some of the theories about color psycology are;

In ancient cultures, colors used to heal people.

According to some studies, we feel colors than we see.

Some studies say that colors affect only a short period some studies say that colors can influence our performance.

I belive that color psychology may not be true for everyone.  Yes, wearing certains colors boost your mood but it is is not a one size fits thing. Every person has own color preferences. For example, wearing red can make you feel good  because you love red color but when someone else wear it, he/she may not feel good because may not be his/her favorite color.

When I was younger, I didn’t like vibrant colored clothes. For this reason, wearing those color tones were not making me feel good.

How do you find which colors make you feel good?

First of all, you should study warm, vibrant and neutral colors, then experiment with them. You can mix and different shades of colors or wear them as monochromic.

What do you feel when you wear colors in your wardrobe? Does boosts your mood or lower it?

Once you have an idea of what colors boost your mood, create a personal colorguide for yourself.

If you need information about colors. I have a blog series about colors which are  generally known things about each color. You can read them from here.

What do you think about color psychology?  Does the color you wear boost your mood? Let me know it below

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