Hello Angels,

Elegance means different things to different people.Speaking like an elegant woman doesn’t mean suppressing your personality. It means how to speak eloquently and carefully say the things you want to say in a polite way.

We all are unique and everyone has natural way of speaking. There are essential characteristics about speaking elegantly such as control the words you use and contrul the volume when you are speaking.

Being eloquent is one of the characteristics of an elegant woman. It isn’t genetic trait and can be learned by anyone, anytime. You can carry yourself in all situation even in stresful times without being rude.

  • Volume

One of the best ways you can be more elegant and feminine when you are spekaing is to speak softly. It is a huge contrast of high volume voice. It needs a lot of practice but it will become routine.

  • Enonciation

I am Turkish and when I speak English or Italian, I have an accent. Sometimes I can mispronounce words (especially in Italian) and wrong enunciation. Correcting enunciation needs a lot of practicing.  I try to say things slowly, minimizing my accent and try to make sure that I pronounce words correctly.

  • Speaking with grace

It is one of the most important way to speak and act like an elegant woman. Elegant woman know their manners: they know ehrn you liston, when to speak and when to interrupt. They speak with grace and kindness.

  • Learn new vocabulary for everyday speech

Having a better vocabulary means higher intelligence.

One of the best ways to learn new vocabulary is reading everyday. By reading a different types of books you see how expressions and words are used.

You can also watch intellectual movies that can increase your vocabulary.

  • Stop talking with slang and swearing words

You should avoid curse or slang words when you are in the company of others. You can always use eloquent words to describe anything (even the negative ones).

  • Speak without fillers

Fillers means words you use between words such as like and umm.

For the prevent the fillers like umms just pause and continue the conversation .Fillers are used mostly because someone doesn’t read or struggling with what to say.

What does it mean speaking elegantly for you? What are your tips? Let me know below

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