Hello Angels,

Every women knows that before you get dressed, the golden rule is to consider your underwear.

No matter how amazing an outfit, visible underwear lines can ruin any look while invisible lines will help you look sleeker and elegant.

So what are the options to prevent this? To avoid visible underwear lines, it is important to choose the right underwears.

Many people think this era is horrible because of the technology, polution, etc.. but there is also goodness which is abundance. From clothes to food, there are tons of options to choose from.  This option valid for also underwears.

There are so many styles and colors from different colors of nudes to seamless options. Thongs are not the only option for you anymore.

Wear printed or thick fabric

I love lightweight, silky dresses so much. But somtimes they are not nice when it comes to hiding underwear lines. The thicker or printed fabrics help hide to unwanted lines.

Choose the Right Underwear

It is important that you choose the right kind of underwear when you wear something thin. The fits need to be right. Very tight underwear will cause discomfort and make you pantly lines visible.

Seamless Boyshort Underwear

I haven’t tried it but I heard this solution from many women. Thr boyshort underwears offer full coverage and they have a range of different colors which means you can match the color of your undies to the color of your outfit or you can pick only nude color for match every color.

Seamless With Lace

A nice pair of underwear always boosts women mood. If you want something a little lace with no lines, that’s an option. Just because you want something that makes pantly lines diseppear doesn’t mean the style has to be plain. This pair of underwear is fashionable and works perfectly the way a normal seamless panty would.


Whether you prefer a Brazilian or short cut, your safest best when avoid a underwear line is to rely on the thong.

Shape wear

Shape wear is also a great option. It is nice to create a smooth line under your outfit.

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