Hello Angels,

When you are well groomed and dressed elegantly, most of people think you are going on a date or meeting with your friends. One of the people I know once said everyone wears stylish outfits to show off to each other. I think this is one of the most absurd thing I have ever heard.

 Women can style their hair, makeup, wear lovely dress and high heels whenever she wants. She doesn’t have to go to date or attend a special event.

We as a women are magical, strong willed, high tolerange for pain (childbirth) and intelligent. One of the best thing about being women is endless option of clothes and makeup. Why don’t you pamper yourself?

I know most of you have a busy life and it is difficult to find time for yourself. But give yourself free time at least 30 minutes a day. One of the best thing about living in technology area is shopping online. I love shopping online (this is one of my reason to start online boutique).  There are so many online stores for shopping. You can add something flirty and feminine into your wardrobe. Every women should feel sexy and flirty.

You can create effortlessy flirty and casual look. You don’t have to wait a special occasion for flirty look. In today’s post I would like to share flirty outfit tips for casual occasions.

  • Look through Instagram, Pinterest, Fashion Blogs, etc.

When changing your style, you may need a little bit source, inspiration. Looking through Instagram, fashion blogs, etc. can help you put together sexy and casual pieces together.

  • Be Confident

First of all be confident about youself. When you feel sexy, you will look sexy. When you feel flirty, you will lokk flirty. Confidence is the key for flirty outfit. Pair your flirty, casual outfit with a confident attitude.

  • Figure Flattering Clothes

Picking body flattering outfit is an essential. Wearing too small or too big clothes can make you look different (shorter or fatter). Everybody has flaws and you shouldn’t hide your body with baggy, loosy clothing. I don’t recommend  extremely tight and uncomfortable clothes but pick clothes that enchange your body.

You can opt sleveless tops, back detailed tops, pencil skirts, v-neck tshirts and short dresses or skirts.

  • Mix Casual Clothes with Flirty Pieces

It is all about a creating balance between casual and sexy. Mix up lenghts and styles such as;

Mini skirt with modest top

Open back shirt with jeans

High waisted jeans with crop tops

  • Wear Red

Every color has impact on us and our environment. I have a blog about every color meaning and how impact on us. You can read them from here. According to researches. Red make women more attractive. So yes, scientifically wearing red make you sexier even if you wear oversized top.

  • Showing Less Skin

Some women think that showing more skin is equal to being flirty and sexy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing skin and be confident but showing a lot skin can be disturbing in a casual environment. Instead you can opt;

Knee lenght pencil dress. You will be covered up but still be showing off your body shape.

High waisted trousers with cropped top.

  • Be Yourself

Don’t try to be somebody. Instead of change yourself, embrace your personality and embrace what’s naturally flirty about you. If you are not a skirt girl, don’t wear skirts to be flirty. Instead, wear figure flattering trousers with a crop top or low cut top.

5 Love in Rome Flirty Clothes


Lace Dress

What does it mean being flirty for you? What is your favorite outfit for a flirty look? Let me know below

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