Before read this article, be kind to yourself. You can’t expect to be productive overnight.

We have all been there, finding ourselves distracted, proscrastinating things.

Everyone believed that being more productive is about getting more done in less time. If you are a productive person, you will accomplish more than many people do.

You have probably spent years cultvationg your habits consciously or subconsciously – ant those won’t have overnight. Small adjustments lead more lasting changing but those take time and discipline.

Productivity is a concious decision and it isn’t a one time event, it’s a lifestyle.

I would like to share with you some of my productivity tips I have pickep up after I established my business.

To Do List

Create four different to do list. Write down all your tasks and everything you would like to accomplish for the day, week, month and year. Be Specific and reasonable about your tasks as possible.

Make a plan what things on your list you can reasonably accomplish and what order you are going to do them.

Don’t push yourself hard. Sometimes tasks take more or less time than expected. Don’t let it ruin your plan, just do your best to adjust your list.

To do lists often fail because we make them way too unrealistic and complicated.

Set Small Goals For The Task

With new project, the scope seems too big. But when you start breaking it down and realizing what can be done, you will notice that each small part builds upon the other.

One of the easiest thing you can do is to break down your goal into smaller pieces without setting timelines.

Don’t Multitask

Trying to complete many tasks at once only makes you nervous and complete each  tasks slowly. If you focus on each task individually, you will be more productive and will be enjoy from the process.

Clutter Your Space

Did you know environment mess impacts your work?

Take Care Yourself

Our body is important for productivity. Seeping, exercising and a diet are the three important things you can’t ignore.

These three things makes you more focused and less anxious.

Procrastination is Not a Bad Thing

We are human, we are not a machine and there are some days when you need a break.

Don’t panic and go slow and do some research for inspiration, read or watch something.

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