There is only one rule: Don’t wear white obviously and don’t leave it until the last minute.

If you thought wedding season was over, you were absolutely wrong. While it is true that the majority of weddings take place during the summer but now couples are beginning to interest the allure of a winter wedding.

From Christmas vibes to snow covered settings, there is pleny of romantic elements to be found in the winter.

I think after the receiving the wedding invitation, there is one thing that flashes through our mind.

What do wear to a wedding and how to be the best dressed guest in the wedding?

Dressing for a wedding is already hard enough and winter weddings look harder than summer weddings because of the temperature.

Don’t panic because you can swap the summer’s lightweight, floaty fabrics for sexier velvets, sequins and rich colors.

I think dressing for a winter wedding is very luxury and experimental. Because you can layer it creatively.

The key of to be the best dressed guest in the winter wedding is looking chic and warmth.


  • A summertime staple dresses still can be go to choice for wedding guests. It is important to recognize that the winter months call for a shift in texture and color.

  • Winter weddings are perfect occasions to wear textures like velvet and sequins and colors like purple and green.

  • You can wear dress with sleeves or maxi style. There are so many elegant options.

  • Deep colors such as red and blacks are perfect choice to wear in winter weddings. Guests shouldn’t consider to wear lighter colors.

  • If you want to wear print, you can still consider florals but against a dark backdrop for more seaosnally appropriate.

The Coat

  • As the weather is freezing, a stylish coat is an essential piece.

  • Layer is the key and you will have to be careful in coat decision. Because right coat really helps to elevate your wedding look.

  • I highly recommend faux fur but you can try a longline double breasted options and check print.

The Hat

  • Recent years, hats became popular. One fancy hat can change your look completely.

  • I generally recommend wear small hats without large brims.

  • The hat should be fabric or felt but straw is definitely out.

  • Headbands are also an alternative to consider. Headbands with veils are a lovely choice.

  • If you want to less formal look  you can consider to wear beaded hair clips or fascinators.


  • Footwear is very important because wrong shoes can ruin your look completely.

  • I think open toe options are definitely out.

  • I personally would opt for a closed toe.

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