Hello Angels,

Whether it’s Superstar or Stan Smith, white sneakers are a wardrobe stable. They are comfortable and versatile. No matter how careful you are, white sneakers get dirty immediately.

The good news is that most sneakers can be cleaned in the washing machine. All you need to be very careful because you could cause permanent damage to your sneakers.

Don’t worry, with some methods your favorite white sneakers will be clean again.

  • Method 1 – Shoe Cleaner

You can buy shoe cleaner from stores. Every store sell their own version. You should use natural cleaner because some chemicals can cause damage.

  • Method 2

Use a toothbrush to scrub away dirt.

 Soak washcloth into mild liquid laundry detergent and gently wipe away strains.

Use a toothbrush to clean outsoles.

Always leave them indoor at room temperature. Because direct sunlight can cause color changing or shrink them.

  • Method 3

Place your sneakers inside a pillowcase and put them through a washing macine on delicate/cold.

  • Method 4

If you don’t want to use any product, you can use white vinegar. All you need to scrub dirt off with  a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Apply the solution with washcloth.

  • Method 5

You can always keep wipes inyour bag for footwear emergencies. Even you can use makeup wipes to clean your sneakers.

  • Method 6

I never tried magic erasers but some people use them. You should be careful because some erasers can turn shoes yellow over time.

  • Method 7

Some women use micellar water and it perfectly cleans the sneakers. All you need to put some micellar water on a washcloth and scrub your sneakers.

How do you clean your white sneakers? Let me know it below

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