Italians motto ‘La vita bella’ (the beautiful life)

The beautiful life doesn’t mean the luxurious life. You don’t have to be owner of private island for luxurious life.

If you live in Italy or If you have spent time in Italy, you know that life in Italy is very different.

Italians are an easy going and positive outlook in their daily life. I have discovered that you must learn how to think and act like luxurious person to attract luxurious life and filling each day with joy, style and elegance.

Here are the some tips for the world of luxury.

  • Stop Hanging Out With Negative People

Maybe you heard this million times but this is the one of the most luxurious thing. Why you would like to listen negativity like how broke they are.

Everybody have problems and of course you can share your problems with your friends or family but everytime listening same negativity can not bring you luxurious life or positive life.

  • Stop Hurrying

In my first days in Italy, It seemed to me a little bit strange to me. Especially in my university life. Because even in exam time, my classmates were coming late ( I mean late 20-30 minutes or moreJ)

People are less hurried in Italy, they don’t rush out with cup of coffee. Italians generally prefer sip their coffee at the bar.

Generally Italians take siesta during a day from 13:00 to 15:00 for eat lunch and relax.

  • Cooking At Home

Of course they eat at outside and they love it so much but also they find simple and delicious recipes. They can create a delicious meal with only three ingredients.

Cooking is my favorite thing because I can cook for my dietary needs and preferences laso It relaxes me very much. I think cooking is one of the luxurious thing in life.

  • Wear Elegant Lingerie Everyday

I think elegant lingerie including lace is necessary for every women because knowing you are wearing sexy, luxurious and comfortable lingerie feels very good. Everything starts with thought and when you feel good, you vibrate good energies.

  • Be Busy

Being busy doesn’t mean work all day long or more productive but you can live a life of quality.

When you are lazy, you feel less energic and start to think everything but when you have busy life, you have less things to think about.

If you are not working, you can go to gym or courses for keep yourself busy.

  • Personal Scent

Almost every Italian women have personal scent. They don’t have 10 perfumes to try. They have maximum 2 perfumes and It is like their signature.

  • Schedule Spa Appointments For Beauty Maintenance

It is one of the important thing for every person. Who likes a ragged person?

You can see beauty centers every street of Rome. So be sure schedule your hair cut/color, manicure, pedicure and other must dos before you go out.

If you don’t have a time or budget, you can create your own beauty schedule. In recent days, there are so many products for home spa for every budget.

  • Spent More Time In Nature

There is nothing as luxurious being in nature. Because nature is the greatest gift every humanbeing can have.

Without nature, we couldn’t breathe and couldn’t have fresh food.

Even for 5 minutes go out and thankful for this beautiful world everyday.

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