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One of the questions I receive recent days is how to dress in Rome in summer time.So today, I decided to share stylish and comfortable outfit tips about how to dress in Rome

Rome is an international city and you will see different fashion styles. Style tips are a little bit depends on your fashion taste and a little bit cultural.

For example, shorts are very popular in Barcelona and İstanbul but Italian women don’t prefer to wear shorts in the city.

I love shorts so much and I  prefer to wear then in the city, Rome.

The most important for a stylish look is wearing outfits in an appropriate way. For example, you can’t wear mini dress during visiting Vatican or church.

In today’s post, I picked three different attractions and I picked appropriate dresses from my online store for these places during your visit.

  • The Colosseum

Colesseum is one of the most popular attraction in Rome. As the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, the Colosseum is to Rome.

Dress: Handmade When in Rome Dress

Shoes: Sandals or Wedges

  • Vatican City

Vatican city is the smallest independent state in the world. Inside are the St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican gardens and St. Peter’s Square.

There is a strict dress code for Vatican. No revealing tops ( no bareback, etc.), no mini skirts and no shorts.

The dress code is enforced inside the Vatican including Vatican gardens and applies to all churches in Rome.

Carry a shawl to cover your shoulders to be on the safe side.

Stylish and comfortable outfit example:

Dress : Helen Frill Shoulder Dress

Shoes: Ballerinas or Wedges

Accessories: Shawl ( optional)

  • Historical Center and the Spanish Steps

The historical center of Rome is full of churches, shopping streets and squares. You can spend your whole vacation strolling here.

You can pause at the Spanish Steps and enjoy the beautiful view.

Stylish and comfortable outfit example

Dress: Handmade Capri Dreams

Shoes: Sandals, wedges or ballerinas

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