Hello Angels,

With the arrival of summer, many people started to go to beach or poolside. Every spring, I hear same thing from people. I need to get ready for summer so I have to diet to wear swimsuit.

I think this is sad to have a standard body image on people’s mind and feel unconfident. There are many people around the world who terrifies to wear cute shorts, swimsuits and summer dresses because of low self esteem.

A person should exercise and diet for its health not for to wear tight clothes or swimsuit. Health should be priority not body image.

With the rising of popularity of social media, many women have low esteem. If you use social media logically, you can also get inspired.  There are some women who prefer to use photoshop. There are also some women that show reality of their body. Even they do exercise and diet, they bloated and these women don’t fear to show those pictures to their followers.

Many women spend time in the gym and do strict unrealistic diets to have a strong abs. A few months later, most of them give up because no matter what they do, they just can’t the see the results.  I made a lot of research about it because I was complaining about the same problem.

According to my researches, we all have abs but we carry more body fat then men which good because we need to stay healthy and maintain healthy menstrual cycle. You should remind yourself that body fat is bad.

Unfortunately, many women lose healthy menstrual cycle because of the unrealistic diets.

Good looking body requires exercise and wholesome, healthy food. So, you need to eat carbs and protein. Don’t believe carbs make you fat myth. Your body needs to make you strong and lean.

As I told you before, make exercise and healthy diet part of your lifestyle because of your health not because of body image. No matter your body shape is always feel confident. In today’s post, I would like to share tips to feel confident in a swimsuit no matter what.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others

Everyone has different body types. Some women bloat all the time no matter what they eat. Some women have flat belly no matter what they eat but they have thick legs. I mean every people is different in every subject even in body type. Do you best for your health bot for body image.

  • Choosing the right swimsuit

You should now your body type. Even women who have a lean body can look different with wrong fit swimsuit. A swimsuit should suits your personality and fit your body.

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