Hello Angels,

There are three kinds of people in this world: people who hate winter and people who summer prefers winter and people who love every season . I belong to third group. I am happy and excited in every season transition.

Winter is around the corner and I am already ready for a beautiful winter.  Of course, winter has its upsides and downs such as cold and rainy weather and less sunlight but you can turn find positivity in these factors. You can be with your family or friends at home eat popcorn and watch movies or you can practice meditation or reorganize your home.

I would like to share the best tips for an amazing winter.

Embrace the winter

Freezing weather? Gloomy outside? But your mood shouldn’t be sad or depressive. There are simple things you can to do for feeling good in winter. First to all, make a list about positive sides of winter. Everything has good and bad sides and I am sure that you will see some positivity in winter.


Exercise boosts the mood and motivate yourself for some exercise. I heard that some countries have tough winter but if you are living a mediterrenean country like Italy, there is no excuse. You don’t have to exercise for hours or you don’t have to go to gym. Wear the clothes which keep you warm and go out for a walk. Especially if you are living in Rome, walking is one of the best exercises. The beautiful historical attractions motivates you and make you walk for hours.


Socializing is one of the best thing to fight winter blues. You can grab a coffee with your friends or someone from your family, go to lunch or stay at home and watch movies.

Dress stylish for the weather

Stylish outfits always boosts the mood instantly. Freezing weather doesn’t mean that you can’t wear fashionable clothes. Use your creative and create stylish winter combinations. Add some accessories such as scarf, hats and gloves.

Join the winter activities

Enjoy ice skating or skiing. Visit the places while the summer crowds are gone. I love to visit small places outside of Rome. Do some research and find lovely places near to place you live in.

Read a book

Grab a hot chocolate and read a book. It is a wonderful time to read the book that’s been on your list.

Eat healthy

Foods have an impact on us physically and metally. When you eat properly, you mood boosts in two ways. First to all, you will not gain weight and it will make you feel good. Second, a healthy foods have naturally vitamins and mostly rich in fiber which affect mood by altering brain chemicals.

Pamper session

Don’t understimate winter effects on your hair and skin: split ends, dry skin and chapped lips. There are so many products and Dıy’s to pamper yourself at home.

What is your favorite season? How to keep yourself positive in winter time? Let me know below

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