Hello Angels,

Motivation is the key to accomplish the things we desire. Especially nowadays staying motivated is not easy. Covid – 19, restrictions and uncertain future, etc. It is very normal to be unmotivated. Everyone goes through it from time to time. You would rather do literally anything other than things you must to do or you would rather sit on the sofa.

Most of us don’t realize it but motivation is a huge force in our life. Many of us overgeneralize the word motivation of being either motivated or unmotivated as a simple yes or no state of being.

Motivation is one of the essential need like water and air. How we can’t live without water or food, we can’t live without motivation.

Think of motivation as a life journey and slump is a little bunp in the road is very normal. You can’t give up with every bump.

Motivation is not a trait, with practicing you can feel motivated.

  • Baby steps

We are human and it is very normal that we are eager to accomplish more than one thing in the same time. When we use our energy and motivation for more than one thing, we can’t maintain energy and focus.  I tried and it makes you feel bad.

You have to choose one goal and focus on it completely. I know, it is hard but you can accomplish other goals when you have accomplished your one goal. I can assure that when you focus on one thing your energy will increase, you will feel better and you will feel motivated.

  • Inspiration

Inspiration is one of the tool that may help you. Reading books, blogs and success stories may push you be more motivated.

  • Be happy and excited about your goal

I had a time that I wasn’t feeling happy and excited about my job, website. I was hardly designing clothes or writing blogs. I was pushing hard myself to do work but It became an impossible for me. I gave myself a break. I asked some questions to myself such as;

  1. What my life would be without my job, website?

  2. Should I try different field?

  3. What I really desire? What do I really want?

I concentrated on my favorite hobbies and I didn’t work. I realized that I really love my job. I love to design clothes and I love to share my favorite topics and my life in Rome with you. This made me very motivated.

I get exercited when I work and I love this feeling. Visualizing and reading positive things are one of the tools for this feeling.

  • Stick with it

Whatever thing you start, don’t give up. Yes, maybe some days or weeks you may not feel motivated but don’t quit completely. Give yourself time, concentrate on other things and motivatiob will come back.

Concentrate on the benefits, not the difficulties

Concentrate on the difficulties instead of benefits is  a common problem. For example, many people can’t start exercise because they focus on how makes you tired instead of thinking how good you will look and feel.

When you decide to accomplish one goal, write the benefits will make you feel good and energize you.

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