Hello Angels,

Since last year, we are spending more time at home due to pandemic. Unfortunately many people effected in a bad way. Some women didn’t take care their body or mental health.

I work from home that’s why pandemic didn’t effect me so much.  When I started to work from home, first two years were difficult for me. Because my website was new and I wasn’t feeling motivated at home.

Later, I started to take care myself like I am going outside. I wear stylish dresses, loungewears even sometimes wear high heels at home.

I can honestly say that all lockdown long, my hair and nails were well kept. I always styled my hair and I applied nail polish like I am going to meet with my friends.

These are very motivating for me. I work from home since 2017 and I can work from home easily now.

Do you want to feel better, feminine, relaxed and positive at home? So, today’s post is perfect for you.F ollow these steps and I can assure that you will feel feminine and happy at home.

  • Take care your hair and nails self care

Take care of your femininty as a woman. Take care of your skin, hair and nails. Put some lotion, do mask for your skin and hair. Devote some time to keep up a ladylike look.

  • Put some perfume

If you want to feel like feminine, you should smell like a lady. If perfume is so strong for home, you can use something light like Victoria’s Secret body mist

  • Listen to music

Start your day with joyful music. It is a natural mood booster.

  • Read and watch positive things

To keep yourself positive and happy, everyday watch or read something positive.

  • Wear stylish loungewear

In summer time you can pick something silk, linen and winter time you can opt for velvet or knitwear fabrics for loungewear. A stylish and high quality loungewear will boost your mood instantly.

  • Accessorize

In addition stylish loungewear, you can use some accessories such as;

  • Necklace

  • Earrings

  • Rings

  • Headband

  • Take Care Your Body

Exercise should be a part of your life. You stay in shape and reduces stress.

  • Meditation or breath exercises

These are good for relax mentally and physically

  • Cook and eat healthy

When we are at homei we are more prone to eat. You can opt a lot of vegetables, fruits and nuts.They are healthy and help you stay in shape.

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