Hello Angels,

I love winter and I love winter fashion. There are so many outfit options from sweaters to boots.

Winter and elegance seem opposite. You either choose elegance or warmth. That’s not true. With right pieces and stylisng you can look elegant even when you are freezing. Here are the tricks that well help you look elegant and stay warm during cold days.

Expensive looking coat

Buying an expensive looking coat is an amazing winter investment. Neutrals such as black, cream or grey in a high quality material such as wool keep you warm and make you look elegant.  Most of us feel bored to wear coats ( especially middle of winter). Styling is a great option to feel good inside of the coat and have a elegant look. One of the styling option is belting it. Cinching your waist make you look great and it will seem like you have a new coat. This trick works with any coat style.


Turtlenecks are timeless and always look with jeans, skirts and shorts.

Faux fur coat

It is time to year that you can wear faux fur. It is so much fun to wear faux fur coat with dresses. It is an instant upgrade.


Scarves are a sophisticated winter accessories thatmakes you stay warm and look great. It adds colors and textures to any winter look.

Long socks

It is an amazing option for freezing winter days. You can either tucked under the tall boots or sheow them off.


Any kind of hats will keep you warm and make you look stylish.From knits to berrets, all options are great.

Over the knee boots

Thigh high boots are trendy for years and they look amazing. Yu can pair them with a short dress or skirts.

What is your tip to look elegant in winter? Let me know below

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