Almost everybody wants to know how to be more stylish. When you wake in in the morning, what is your first thought?


Things to do

What am I going to wear?

Getting dress is important because you are representing yourself for the rest of the day. Don’t yo want it to be nice one?

When you wear nice outfit, it makes you feel more beautiful and confident.

Looking stylish isn’t always about wearing most expensive clothes, trendiest or mastering some styling trick. Sometimes it is as easy as wearing basic white tshirt.

Add a leather Jacket

A good leather jacket improves every outfit; it doesn’t matter if it’s jeans or gown. Black leather classic but you can try neutral or brown colors.

Don’t buy or keep something that doesn’t fit and doesn’t suit ypu

There are many people buy or hold items that doesn’t fit but hope that they will again one day. Be realistic and if it doesn’t fit you, it’s time to donate.

Many people also buy items because it’s trendy. Trendy doesn’t mean that it will suit you. Everybody has different body shapes. If the item doesn’t make you feel comfortable and flatter your shape, it has no place in your wardrobe.

The first thing to do look stylish is to make sure that you are wearing clothes that good for your body type. You need a fitting clothes to look elegant and stylish.

Seek Out Inspiration

Find stylish women for inspiration –  whether it’s your favorite Hollywood star or model. Discover fashionistas whose inspires you. You can check out Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration.


Always wear at least one accessory, whether it’s a sunglasses or bag. A solid statement piece change look completely. My favorite accessory is sunglasses.

Make an Effort to Discover New Brands

We live in an abundance world. Especially with technology, we are able to shop anywhere in the world. I don’t know the reason but we generally get attached to certain shops. It is great to have a favorites who you trust and love the style but there are always new, amazing brands that are waiting to be discovered. From affordable brands to high end designer brands, keep exploring.

Capsule Wardrobe

You never underestimate the power of a capsule wardrobe. You don’t need a huge budget for be stylish. Buy what you need and what makes you feel great and create new combinations with accessories.

Plan It Out

Planning outfits in the morning takes time. You can plan your outfits on a Sunday or a day before.

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