Hello Angels,

In today’s world, we discover new things about brain. We live in technology age surrounded by smart devices where everyone is faster smarter and compete with each other about their intelligence, lifestyle, etc…

We can easily access to all kind of informations. In past, when people want to study or prepare final thesis for university, they were going to library and make research for hours.

We live in age of abundace and knowledge but many people are not aware of it.

The only way to continue to our life succesfully is to continue to learn new things.

Being smart and succesful assumed God’s gift. According to studies, brain is like muscle. For example, when you exercise, your muscles become visible and stronger. The same concept is valid for our brain. Any people who train their brain, become smart and succesful.

In today’s post I would like to share to make your brain more efficient.

  • Healthy diet

There is a popular saying ‘you are what you eat’. I think it is true. Food is fuel for our brain and body even for our mood. Junk foods and high in refined sugars cause mood disorders such as depression.Foods such as walnuts are an amazing source of brain food.

Fish like salmon that are rich in fatty acids have been proven to neurons function.

  • Read

Don’t underestimate the power of reading. Reading improve our mind, improve our vocabulary and give new ideas. Reading before sleep, relax the body and mind and promote sleeping.

  • Keep a journal

Popular and succesful figures such as Isaac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci were keeping a journal. According to studies, taking notes and writing down ideas/things creates an extention of our mind.

  • Write down your hand

In modern world, we use keyboards. They are an efficient and easy way to write without being tired. According to studies, writing down our hand helps focus on at the moment and activate our brain into action to achieve a goal.

  • Exercise

Many researches showed the ling between regular exercise and memory function.  Exercise is also a perfect way to reduce anxiety and depression.

  • Sleep

Sleeping is important for our mind and body. Lack of sleep and stress reduce our efficiency and make us exhausted all the time. When we are tired, we can’t focus on even simple thing.

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