‘As you think you vibrate. As you vibrate you attract.’ Abraham Hicks

Love is the most natural state of being. When you are relaxed and without any worry, you attract love automatically.

Through the Law of attraction, you create everything you desire in your life. Don’t waste your even one minute on anything that has no love. Life is love and it is so precious to be throwing away on anything that doesn’t have love.

If you want love and partner in your life, pay attention to your vibe. Because you don’t only attract a person but you attract their vibe. You want to attract someone you want to share similar lifestyle right?

Anything which have a vibrational match for one of your desire is going to help you attract other people andt things that are at the same vibrational level.

Look around you at people who are happy and depressed.

A few years ago, I had a problems in my personal life. Almost every person I met had a problems in their life. Their problems and negativity was also effecting me. I cut off my connection with them but I started to think why I always attract strange and negative people?

When I read books and articles about law of attraction, I started to pay attention at people. I realized that happy and believer people manifest their wishes very easily and negative people attract more unpleasant circumstances.

Love is the key of manifesting our desire including money, success and love.When we radiate love, we attract positive people and events. Your vibration speak volumes before you open your mouth.

Similar energies attract each other. Positive people attract positive people and complainers attract people with the same energy.

Using Love Energy To Attract  What You Want

For attract what you want, you must raise your vibration. Here are some tips;

  • Feel Love For Everyone And Everything

Feel love for everyone can be difficult. If you can’t feel love than try to feel anything toward the some people. Feel nothing better than negative feeling.

Never give up feel love for everything and everyone. It will take a lot of practice. Maybe a few days even weeks later, your heart energy will grop strong that you will radite love even without trying.

  • Write Down What You Want

Sometimes we can’t attract what we want because we are not sure about our desire. The best thing is sit down and think what you really want in your life than start to write down. Thanks you writing practice, your energy starts to vibrate closer to what you want. It is like magnet.

  • Visualize

When you visualize, you will start to feel that your desire as a part of you. You will vibrate positive and love energy and attract your desire.

  • Gratitude

I believe that without be thankful for what you have, you will never feel good. Gratitude raises positive energy so you vibrate higher state. Good energy symbolizes light and high and negative enegy symbolizes heavy and dark.

  • Feeling

If you feel what you desire as a part of you, you will become magnet. Feel avesome it is to have what you desire. Unless you feel it, you won’t raise your energy.

  • Love

Love is the key of law of attraction. Without love, we can’t attract anything. When we believe love, we can manifest miracles. Be a source of pure love. For radiate love, let go all of your fears and worries. Fear is the opposite of love and it blocks and puts you in a negative state. You can’t vibrate love when there is a stress, fear inside of your heart.

Fill your inside only with love.