In today’s post, I would like to talk about how to spend a day in Rome?

I have a friend and I know her for years and we couldn’t meet up for a very long time because of lack of time. We both live in same city.

We met up years later and I am not kidding about this. We  met in front of the Colosseum and had lunch together. When we were  at lunch, she said I haven’t visited city center for months ( She lives in outside of Rome). The fact is she can arrive to city center 40 minutes by car but she can’t because she claims that lack of time.

When I listen to her routine, yes she is right but she doesn’t work at weekends so instead of sitting at home on friday evening, she can spend time and enjoy in her beautiful city, Rome.

Are there tons of different things you wish could do someday – anythig from meditation to spend a day in Rome?

Many people claim that they have no free time. The truth is we have free time for do the things we love doing. Reclaim your time and live the life you enjoy it.

You want to spend a day in Rome but do you hesitate about it? Everything is possible so if you are living in Rome, you can always create a time for this.

I live in Rome more than seven years and I still enjoy every minute in this beautiful city. Everyday I try to go out just enjoy the beautiful view.

My one day in Rome schedule for people who live in Rome but don’t have a time to enjoy it.

Following this list, you can see;

Most iconic Rome sights such as Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps

  • Main piazzas such as Piazza Navona and Piazza Venezia

  • As you know, the best way to enjoy and spend a wonderful time in Rome is on foot.

Step By Step Guide

Start bright and early – Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain

What better spot that start your day in Rome at the Trevi Fountain.

Seeing the Trevi Fountain in the early morning in unforgettable experience.

The Spanish steps and Trevi Fontain are very close to each other so you can visit both places.

Piazza Navona

Despite the crown, Piazza Navona is very beautiful. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful church  Santa Agnese in Agone and the Fountain of the 4 rivers which are belong two masters of Renaissance, Bernini and Borromini.


You can duck inside the mysterios Pantheon. The Pantheon locates inside the beautiful Piazza della Rotonda so whe you are there, take a few mşnutes and enjoy the piazza itself.

Visit Castel Sant’Angelo along Via dei Coronari

Via dei Coronari is a magical road which is in the hear of Rome and takes us to the Ponte Sant’Angelo quickly. During walking down in this beautiful street, you can take photos.

Ponte Umberto

Be sure to drop by Ponte Umberto for admire the iconic view of the Castel Sant’Angelo and the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Campo De Fiori

You can return the Campo de Fiori which is close to Piazza Navona. You can walk in Lungotevere for arrive it. You can enjoy beautiful Lungotevere view during your walking tour.

Campo de Fiori is a wonderful stop to sit down and relax.


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