Hello Angels,

Finding the time to exercise and eat healthy can seem more challenging rhan ever when you are in holiday.

In today’s post, I would like to share says to stay fit while you are in holiday.

  • Bodyweight exercises

If you don’t have access to any weights, there are plenty of bodyweight exercises that you can do. All you need is resistance band and a place. You can work out in your hotel room or at park.

  • Find fitness class

You can find fitness classes in the area that you stay during your holiday. This will motivate you for a workout and you will stay fit while on holiday.

  • Keep a bottle of water with you

Drinking water is important for hydration and it will prevent you from snacking but when you are at outside, sometimes it is difficult to find a bathroom.

When you drink water when you are at outside, be sure to close some place with bathroom. It can be cafe, shopping mall, etc.

  • Walk more

In holiday , exploring places on the foot is the best.

But if you prefer taxi, bus, etc. you can take the stairs instead of the elevator and go for a morning walk after breakfast or evening walk after the dinner.

  • Stretch

If you don’t have a time or feel tired, you can opt stretching. Stretching is a really good for our body which improves flexibility and range of motion.

  • Start your day with healthy breakfast

Breakfast keeps us going the entire day also good for metabolism. For a healthy breakfast you can opt foods such as nuts, fruits and yogurt.

  • Don’t stress about eating at restaurant

When you are in holiday, you should enjoy not to be stresful. There are often once in a while require you to go off your exercise routine and diet.

When you are at restaurant, pick foods with fresh ingredients. This choice is not for weight but for health.

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