Hello Angels,

In recent days, I read so many news about mental effects of coronavirus. According to news, many people’s panic and anxiety attacts increased during lockdown and still these people can’t adapt the new normality.

 First of all you should know that everyone feels different sometimes. It is ok to feel fear and anxiety. These two emotions are very common. It is important to remember it is ok to feel this way and react differently than others.

Constant worring keep from living your best life. It has also bad impact on body – it increases stress levels.

According to researches, chronic worry is a mental habit than can be brokn.

These tips can you stop worrying

Stay connected with positive people

Maintaining healthy relationships with people is one of the best therapy. Pay attention to people around you. Do they elevate your mood or steal your energy?

If they steal your energy and make you feel bad, put boundary between you and negative ones. Always surrend yourself positive and friendly people.

Talk or write about your worries

Instead of worrying, talk or write away your worries, fears. By writing down, you will realize roots of your problems or worries. Once you recognize the most important things you worry about, ask yourself if they are controllable and solvable. If they are not, focus on those you can change or solve.


When you start meditation, don’t expect a miracle in first day. I tried and quieted meditation millions times.  This year I concentrated on meditation and I can do it everyday.

Meditation isn’t about stopping thoughts. It is a skill that trend the mind to observe our thoughts without getting caught up in them.

Through meditation, we see how our thoughts and feelings are temporary.

To practice meditaiton, you only need a quiet spot. You can do guided meditaiton from youtube or apps like Headspace.

Be in Present

Spending so much time in past or future is the main problem of worrying.

The wisest thing you can do is living in the present. I personally  still make a lot of researches tips about living in present.

Worry Period

I have just discovered this method.

Choose a time for worrying. It should be the same day everyday (from 06:00 to 07:00 in the morning). During worry period, you are allowed to worry whatever thing you want. The rest of the is a worry free zone.

Deep Breathing

Breathing has a lot of effect on us. I read many articles about importance of breathing. When you are worried, you breathe faster and it leads to anxiety. Deep breathing calms the mind and quiet negative thougts.

Do you tips for stop worrying? If you have, what are your tips? Let me know below

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