Hello Angels,

Footwear trends come and go but the popularity of knee high boots never fade.

These classic boots have a lot of offer. They provide warmth in the freezing winter, versatile and chic. Perfect for the weekend, for the date night, etc.

You can wear these boots with everything from skirts to dresses, skinny jeans and shorts.

Black and brown are the most preferred colors. These colors are perfect match with any colors. They often come in suede and leather. Leather ones are better for outdoor and rainy weather and suedes are better for indoor.

Knee high boots with heels are great for sexy and taller look while flat boots are comfortable (especially in Rome), casual and stylish.

In today’s post I would like to share ways to wear high knee boots to create an effortlessy stylish look.

  • Knee High Boots with a dress

No matter the lenght, pairing the knee high boots with a dress add femininity. There are many different types of dresses you can wear for a stylish and classy look.

You can combine your boot with a mini dress for a modern look and you can combine your book with midi for a timeless look.

  • Knee High Boots with a Skirt

Wearing knee high boots with a skirt allows you to create different styles.

You can wear it with mini skirt for a taller and sexy look. You can pair with midi skirt or a pencil skirt with button down shirt for work.

  • Knee High Boots with Shorts

You can have a casual and feminine look with the combination of shorts and knee high boots. Whether you are styling denim or leather shorts, your knee high boots will create a chic look.

  • Knee High Boots with Jeans

Knee high boots with jeans are one of the most popular fashion styles. It is simple and easy to style. You can pick any top you want. Weayer your brown suede boots with skinny jeans and a sweater to brunck, dark skinny jeans with black heeled boots and a button down shirt for a work.

How do you style knee high boots? Let me know it below

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