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Today I would like to talk about my favorite accessory, blanket shawl. If you read my previous posts, you will see my love to blanket shawls. I just adore them.

There are so many shawls in tons of fabric from silk to wool, but you should pay attention to their fabrics and colors. Because a nice quality of shawl can really make your outfit special. This accessory can make your outfit look more expensive.

Neutral and classic colors like black and grey are perfect for the workswear and formal events.

I have also handmade shawl in my store. I designed only one for now and I am going to design new models soon. It is versatile and color of the shawl goes perfect with almost every outfit. You can find ‘Silk Dream Blanket Shawl’ from here.

Blanket shawls are nice to wear in Spring and Autumn. It is drapey and versatile accessory so you can use it many ways. It is perfect to create effortless chic look.

Do you know how to wear a shawl to create stylish look? I share my favorite tips to this amazing piece, so you can try these tips this Spring.

What is a Blanket Shawl?

Blanket shawls are exactly what they sound like: there are enormous to use as a blanket. They are very big so it makes them different from scarves. It might sound strange to wear a shawl that big but during chilly Autumn and Spring mornings, they can be lifesaver.

Tips to Wear Blanket Shawls

  • They are easy to wear so you can throw a huge wool or silk shawl over your autumn or spring outfits as a coat. There are may reversible options in stores.

  • You can buy loose knit big shawl for spring, warmer days. It protects you on windy days. Especially evening times, there are nice cover.  You can wear with denim shorts, dresses or jumpsuits.

  • Especially in autumn, you can add color to your dark colored outfit by adding a colorful blanket shawl. You can pull over your shoulders and wear it like a coat.

  • You can wrap and draped  way. You just have to take a blanket shawl and drape it around your neck. Let the corners fall where thay may. Sometimes messier look creates stylish look.

  • You can wear blanket shawl into an asymmetrical wrap. It creates sophisticated look to a simple outfit.

  • You can also design your own blanket shawl.There are so many DIY project about this.

Do you love blanket shawls? How do you wear them? Share your favorite looks on Instagram        @loveinromeboutique with #loveinromeboutique

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