Hello Angels,

Today I would like to write about one of my favorite accessories, silk scarf. Especially I adore the oversize ones. Scarves, handbags and fancy earrings: the bigger the better.

A classic silk scarf never goes out style so it is an perfect investment piece in your wardrobe.

The right scarf with the perfect color or print and a luxury texture, can transform any look adding a bit of sophistication.

Some fashion brands have issued their signature prints in the form of scarves for years.

How are all cool ladies wear scarves? With a few tricks, you can look fabolous with silk scarf.

Here are my favorite scarf styling tips to keep the look stylish and fresh.

Asymmetrical Shoulder Wrap

Fold the scarf in a large triangle and wrao it around your shoulders in an asymmetric way.

Shoulder Wrap

Fould the scarf in a large triangle and wrap it around your shoulders to create a shawl. It is perfect way to elevate the look instantly.

The Bandeau Top

You can wear as a top. Once, I wore my oversize scarf with tulle skirt for a photoshoot.

You can wear it with trousers or with tulle skirt like me. I fold the scarf in a long band and I knot them on center of my back.

You can lay scarf down flat, fold it along thr diagonal axis and fold two its corners down to the middle then fold in half.

The Wrist Band

You can pick small scarf for it. Fold the scarf into a tringle and twist over into a thin sillhouset. Wrap arund your wrist with a knot.


Headbands are very popular and I love them so much. You should fold your scarf diagonally in a long band and center on top of your head tie with two tight knots at the back of your neck.

Especially summer times, headband with silk scarf is amazing with dresses. It creates fresh and modern look.

Bandeau Cover Up

It is chicest way to cover up at the beach.Tie the two upper tips of the large scarf to the front your breasts.

The Ponytail

You can add stylish touch to ponytail with scarf. Fold the scarf in half to make a tringle and continue to fold the scarf until become a long thin ine. Then wrap the scarf around your ponytail holder and tie.

Extra Long Scarf

Fold the scarf diagonally to create a long band. Wear it loose around your neck and tie it to the front.

Tie Around Your Head

You can tie your scarf around your head for a retro inspired look. Especially I love to complete the look with a nice eyeliner makeup.

First, put your hair up into a simple bun then roll the scarf on the diagonal to create a rectangle of the desired width.

The Waist Wrap

A large square scarf can be used in various ways. One of my favorite way is using as a belt. Just roll your scarf and wrap around your waist and tuck the ends underneath. You can add pins to secure the ends in place.

The Handbag

You can tie the scarf to your bag. You can use for your hair later or keep as a handbag accessory.

Do you love scarf? How do you prefer to use in summer?

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