Hello Angels,

Neon colors will be literally everywhere this summer.

Wearing pink, green or blue neon outfit will make you stand out in the crowd. These colors are feminine and eye catching. However, when you choose one of these colors, make sure not to over mix them. Pairing with simpler and softer tones is the essential.

Neon colors are  bold and tend o make you larger than you are. For a slim look, wear neon on the part of your body you want to define, once the color appears on that zone, it will instantly attract attention.

Whether neon is your favorite trend or you just one to try something new, follow the tips  in order not look so bright.

In today’s post, I would like share how to wear neon colors.

Picking Neon Colors

When it comes to neon, it can work any neon shade if styled right.

One neon shade is better for a stylish look. Pick the neon shade you love most. For example, a neon top and skinny jeans combination is perfect for stylish look.

Don’t feeling secure to wear neon? Then try neon accessories first before add any neon piece of clothing. It can be bag or shawl.

How To Wear Neon Colors

Neon colors are better for informal occasions.

You can wear with;

  • Black or neutral colors for a balance.

  • Stick to the color rules. Combine colors as you normally do. For example, if you wear blue and yellow together, then use yellow jeans and complete with neon blue top.

  • If you want to total neon look. Combine two neon pieces but make sure that one is brighter than the ther one. I recommend that don’t excess the limits and for 3 neon colors.

  • Here are the combinations worth to try;

  • Neon skirt with a white t-shirt combination

  • Neon organza blouse with trousers

  • Neon satin midi dress and tan sandals

  • Spaghetti strap top with neon A line skirt

  • Neon top and black leggings I personally adore this look for gym.

How do you wear neon color? Let me know below

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